My family and I moved to Little Rock back in December of 2005. We moved in with my mom since she had a three bedroom house and lived alone. There was only one TV that had cable run to it and the one in our bedroom wasn’t it. So we (my wife and I) started watching movies instead of running cable into the room. At some point, we decided to rent LOST season 1. We heard it was a good show and figured we had the time.

I recall that like an addict recalls his first taste of sweet, sweet heroin.

This show is amazing. A lot of people I know have the opinion that they really don’t want to get involved, or its to weird or they are too cool… Bullshit like that. You are only hurting yourselves, people. That’s like saying, “I really don’t want to eat any of that ‘food’ since I hear it makes you poop and gain weight.” Climb aboard the LOST train, people.

The new (and last) season starts next Tuesday. I have my DVR set. I have taken the day off work. I’ve read all the posts (except the spoilers). I have rewatched the entire series from the pilot episode to last seasons finale (I watched that twice now). I’m freakin’ giddy. Remember how you feel when school lets out for Christmas break? I haven’t felt that way since I was around ten years old. Until now. You think that’s funny? Watch the show.

I do feel sorry for the folks that decide later to rent / buy the DVDs and watch the entire run of the show over a few weeks. LOST has this odd quality that the longer you wait for a new episode, the better the former episode becomes. Rewatching, hypothesizing, discussing… online forums are great for that. Then finally, a full week later, a new one! Watching the episodes back to back erases all of that.

So anyway, it’s almost here. I’m full of theories about the smoke monster and Jack’s dad and Claire… If I sound like an idiot, I’m not. You are.

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  1. I absolutely understand what you are saying. I am not a fan of Lost, but I have that obsessive compulsive need to devour whatever I have decided to be “into”. My family thinks I am a nut and I am sure they wonder if I could only channel that obsessive energy I reserve for Harry Potter, Gone With the Wind,The X-Files and Hercule Proirot, if maybe I couldn’t achieve world peace or something. Who knows? Maybe…I hope you enjoy your last season.

  2. I’m not nearly as into Lost as you are, but I am really looking forward to watching how the last season unfolds. It’ll either be fun watching it with you or damn annoying. It will be interesting to see which way that goes too.

  3. I often reminisce happier times when a weekly work of fiction on the tube could sweep me away from sucky reality to far away scapes wherein I was blissfully engrossed. Woe be unto he who interrupted! Like pulling the cord from the back of Neo’s head right in the middle of an epic matrix adventure, great vengence and furious anger might well rain down on that poor soul. Many a Friday night the partiers at my house would huddle quietly in the kitchen amid whispers, desperately trying to bounce their quarter as silently as possible because in the other room a new episode of “The X-Files” was on the tube in glorious theater-like fashion; lights dimmed, volumn up, snacks handy. I doubt they would have risked disturbing me if the house suddenly burst into flame. I doubt I would have noticed.

    I have never watched LOST. I might have seen one episode. I’ve always wondered if it was worth watching, but didn’t want to suffer through it if it sucked or if the writers were morons (like the ones who drove the final nails into the coffen of the X-files in the dark years of Agent Dogget). I’m not proactive at all when it comes to television. Same is true for literature as well. There’s nothing as loathesome as a sucky, poorly written book. I won’t risk it anymore. Until a source I trust says it’s ok, I am content to wonder about it from afar, circling it like a live land-mine! I didn’t start watching “Star Trek: TNG” until season three or four (Thank you Chuck; I have many, MANY fond memories of eagerly waiting for the new episode to debut each Saturday thanks to you).

    Now I suppose I have to check out LOST. I know now that it is safe and good. Last season you say? That figures. At least there is a lot of material to feast on when I thirst for more.

    I’ve been curious lately about “Stargate: Atlantis”. I caught a little of it the other day and was impressed that it wasn’t nearly as bad as the movie that launched it. I may go out on a limb and check out that series without the training wheels. *shiver*

    I always appreciate a heads-up on quality viewing or reading. Let me return the favor. Have you ever read anything by Raymond E. Feist? He didn’t write much (that I’m aware of), but he did produce some fantasy that defined an era in my young life. The series was called “The Riftwar Saga”, and in paperback there were four novels. “Magician: Apprentice”, “Magician: Master”, “Silverthorn”, and “A darkness at Sethanon”. No doubt heavily influenced by “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” to be sure, they were nevertheless great novels, full of richly fleshed-out characters and awsome lore and conflict. Even now, 25 years later, I still eagerly yearn for that brighter-than-average Hollywood movie producer to discover “The Riftwar Saga” and bring the worlds of Midkemia and Kelewan to life on the big screen like “Lord of the Rings”. If you haven’t already read them, seek them out.

    • Wow, Dan, that was wonderfully written. you should start your own blog. I’d read it. And LOST is definalty worth the time. Great show. You recommended Fiest to me years ago, and I did read Riftwar Saga. I enjoyed it, but I was on a downward slope on my fantasy reading at the time. I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I should have. I may go back and find it again.

      Thanks for the comments my friend,

      • Thanks for the compliment Kim. You sit atop a very short list of people from whom critizism or praise carries any weight at all with me, so thank you.
        As for my own blog; I have often thought of posting or at least putting to pen my thoughts as I do believe I have a thing or two to say about this old world, and maybe even a little something to contribute. I have many theories about how shit is, and firmly believe that eventally many of my speculations will be proven to have been correct. However I am far too stressed to consistantly put my thoughts to pen (or screen, as it were). My blog would rapidly devolve into an angry, mad rant; just some old fart reambling on and on and on about how poorly he faired in the game of life.

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