The People are sick…

You hear it a lot: the people are sick of the government. When was the last time someone said, “Hey, the government is doing a good job! Yay government!” Rarely happens. But do we ever, ever, do anything about it? Other than some guys back in 1770s, not much. 1968 had some pretty anti-government actions, but nothing really came from it. Just a bunch of fucked-up hippies tired of the war. But its happening again and I just wonder: Will it ever happen? Will we, the People, ever take back our country? The politicians have removed themselves so far from what we want that it is almost comical. They honestly do not care. How, in the name of God, does Congress and the President try to continue with this health care deal when the latest poll I have found shows a 38% in favor, 56% opposed. That is fifty-six percent. Walk into a room of 100 people, and ask them what they want to eat. I doubt 56% will agree on one thing. Hell, give them two choices (Coke or Pepsi? McDonald’s or Burger King?) and I doubt you get any choice as high as 56%, probably closer to 50-50. When you can 56% of Americans to agree on something, well… you got something.

But our government doesn’t give a shit. “It’s good for you!” they tell us. My mom is about the only person that can say that and get away with it. And even if it is good for me (it’s not), who the hell are you to deny my wants and desires when I elected you JUST FOR THAT REASON!? We send politicians to Washington ostensibly to work for us and see to it what we want gets done. If we want a health care package that is maintained by Mickey Mouse and administered by Donald Duck, you better get your asses on a plane to Disney fucking World.

Don’t preach to me. Don’t condescend me. Don’t dismiss me. Don’t demean me. You work for me, asshole. You have a fucking job because a majority of people gave it to you. GAVE IT TO YOU! I pray to God we take it back. I hope you fuckers wind up unemployed, scared and confused. That’s what you deserve.

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  1. Well said! I’d vote for you! 🙂

  2. I have some skeletons in my closet. Like a graveyard. But thank you for the support.

    • And I have the photos ready for the tabloids..make me a million! Seriously, I agree with you and as a side note: I would love health insurance, cause I am old and I hurt..and can I have dental too? Just asking, cause I am ready to move overseas to get it.

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