Reader or writer?

I like to read. I have a ton of books scattered about the house. From H. P. Lovecraft to Glenn Beck. From Dan Abnett (and his futuristic Dystopian view of the Universe) to Robert E. Howard (and, well, Conan). I read game books, fiction, non-fiction… whatever. But more than reading, I like to write. Just recently, I have completed a complete port from Conan d20 RPG to Castles & Crusades (don’t worry of you didn’t understand a word of that. Just acknowledge that it is pretty cool and move on). I have about 5 – 6 short stories about half-way finished on my hard drive (some closer to 75% done!). I have sent two of my short stories in to magazines to see if I get accepted. I also have a game adventure (known as modules to those of us in the industry) submitted to Troll Lord Games and hope to get that published. It’s just really fun for me. So I decided, “Hell, I’ll start a blog as well. Writing is writing, right?”


Writing a blog is hard. Inspiration comes to me in bursts. I may be bored, watching TV or reading, when BAM! I thought of something cool to write about. Mainly fiction. Blogs are like kids. They demand attention or they die. (Maybe using children in that example was harsh. Let’s say blogs are like gerbils. I know, because I had a gerbil die on me once. But not a kid…) And quite frankly, I don’t have the time or inclination to keep a blog healthy and fed all the time. Unless…

Unless I just start writing about stupid shit that no one cares about. Maybe drop some of my fiction in this bitch. Maybe just copy and paste something I read somewhere that I thought was cool and claim it as my own. The internet is huge! Who’ll know? (OK, I’m kidding in that last part. Maybe.)

So enjoy my ramblings. Leave if you don’t like it.

Please don’t leave.

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  1. You should definitely write more and let me emphasize the word ‘you’. I might even read your blog…and not because I’m your wife and depend on you for financial support. Maybe.

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