Of Growing Old, Insomnia and a One-eyed cat

I have this thing with my throat. My stomach produces too much acid and sometimes, when I eat crap, it produces way too much and it runs up in my esophagus when I try to sleep. It burns like hell. This is why I am up at 4:00am. I ran out of my medicine and haven’t gone to get any more since: (more…)

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My family and I moved to Little Rock back in December of 2005. We moved in with my mom since she had a three bedroom house and lived alone. There was only one TV that had cable run to it and the one in our bedroom wasn’t it. So we (my wife and I) started watching movies instead of running cable into the room. At some point, we decided to rent LOST season 1. We heard it was a good show and figured we had the time. (more…)

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In The Night

Banar stood frozen at the top of the staircase, his breath held deep in his chest. He scanned the room below him, using all of his senses to detect if a trap was afoot. The door to the outside creaked softly as the night wind blew past it. A candle, burning low and fat, sat on a small table, only slightly illuminating the area. The meal from the evening still hung softly in the air; Banar caught fleeting odors of charred meat and stale beer. All seemed quiet and serene, yet keen awareness told the old warrior that it was not so. A small rivulet of sweat rolled lazily down his arm, into his fisted hand, dampening the hilt of the broadsword he held. (more…)

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The People are sick…

You hear it a lot: the people are sick of the government. When was the last time someone said, “Hey, the government is doing a good job! Yay government!” Rarely happens. But do we ever, ever, do anything about it? Other than some guys back in 1770s, not much. 1968 had some pretty anti-government actions, but nothing really came from it. Just a bunch of fucked-up hippies tired of the war. But its happening again and I just wonder: Will it ever happen? Will we, the People, ever take back our country? The politicians have removed themselves so far from what we want that it is almost comical. They honestly do not care. (more…)

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Reader or writer?

I like to read. I have a ton of books scattered about the house. From H. P. Lovecraft to Glenn Beck. From Dan Abnett (and his futuristic Dystopian view of the Universe) to Robert E. Howard (and, well, Conan). I read game books, fiction, non-fiction… whatever. But more than reading, I like to write. Just recently, I have completed a complete port from Conan d20 RPG to Castles & Crusades (don’t worry of you didn’t understand a word of that. Just acknowledge that it is pretty cool and move on). (more…)

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I’m a Geek

I started play Dungeons & Dragons back in 1983. For the real geeks out there, it was the Mentzer Red Box. I played a fighter (or is it Fighter?) named Konclid. I don’t know where that name came from. (Apparently from the ‘Stupid-Ass Names Bureau’, or S.A.N.B). I loved it. Couldn’t get enough of it. It was like the most awesomest thing that was ever created by sentient beings. (more…)

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